One of the things I miss in Linux’s world is a good native pdf editor.

In Ubuntu the default reader Evince is a fast solution for opening pdfs but offers only basics features and for example it lacks of  tools like the “Hand” forcing the navigation through the scrollbars, not always maintains the pdf compatibility  with other programs (after filled a form with it, opening the same file with Adobe Reader on windows, the form was blank) but especially it lacks of any editing’s features.

The only program I’ve discovered that offers these features having a nice GUI is Okular that installed on Ubuntu requires many libraries because of KDE’s dependencies.

Okular Annotations

It has all the main features of a good pdf editor like highlight, underline, text notes, inline notes, ovals  and poligons but these annotations can be read only from Okular, indeed using another program we will not see them.

Another drawback is that not all annotations in pdfs edited with other programs are well interpreted.

For these reasons I decided to rely on a free Windows program installed with the help of Wine: Foxit Reader 5 ( there is also a Linux version but is blocked at version 1).


To install Foxit reader on Ubuntu we must download Wine from the Ubuntu Software Center

Wine installation

Then download the Windows version of Foxit Reader 5 from here : and double click on the exe file for starting the installation:

Altough is a Windows program opened via Wine, the startup is fast and all the annotations are well interpreted and the editings are saved directly on original pdf,  all with a well organized graphical interface, here a screenshot:

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