While writing a text on our mobile device we do a lot of typos because many words normally used by us aren’t stored in it hence aren’t auto-suggested and this results in a big waste of time for correcting or typing them letter per letter.

This happens especially for specific terms as medical terms, drugs/medicines that are not present in standard dictionaries.


How to resolve this problem and type faster with our Android Keyboard? 

I’ve created an Android App called User Dictionary Plus which lets to add new words into personal dictionary taking them from many different sources you use (Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, SMS, Text files and so on..).
Recently I’ve introduced the “Dictionary Store” feature in which there are lists of terms categorized by subjects that a user can download and import into its own device.

Between these there are medical terms and medicines names that are ready to download thanks to this app.

These are the steps:

  1. Open User Dictionary Plus
  2. Click on “Dictionary Store”
  3. Choose the words’ language
  4. Choose the desired subject (medicine)
  5. Select the terms’ list to download (the price varies per item)

Terms lists to select for download


After the import, the words will be automatically suggested if you use a keyboard that reads the standard Android personal dictionary (as, for example, GBoard by Google or TouchPal).


You can find User Dictionary Plus on Google Play at this link: Download Link

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