CM Downloader is an Android app I’ve developed for CyanogenMod users.

It represents an alternative to the integrated updater which offers the possibility to download the last update and to see a bad looking changelog about what is new but nothing else.
So, since CM10, I decided to develop something more complete to help users to stay ever up to date with daily updates, I wanted something that helps to understand if a build is worth to download and install, something that does it automatically at a set time, eventually doing a backup before the flash,  and something that deletes automatically old nightly zips and old backups.

An app that lets users to save their time.

Changelog of the new build

Changelog of the new build

What are the main features of CM Downloader? Let’s check out:

  • Simple and nice User Interface (Material Design Style)
  • Changelog of current, old and next builds
  • Delta or Full updates available
  • Automatic Check and Automatic Download of new builds (at desired time)
  • Possibility to comment/rate a build (useful to avoid bad builds)
  • Flash until 6 additional zips in batch with the ROM (kernel, gapps etc..)
  • Download gapps from the app
  • Auto-Delete old builds
  • Auto-Delete old backups
  • Hide translations in changelog
  • Share changes via Twitter and Google Plus

There are some advanced features available in the Paid version:

  • Automatic Flash of new Build (at desired time)
  • Automatic Backup before Flash
  • Ads Free


You can try the app at these links:

Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play


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