Events Recorder

Events Recorder Android Events Recorder Windows Phone

A new type of Audio Recorder, its main functionality is allow user to add markers on start of a new content during record.
The exact point you desire can be reached with one click during the listening. Useful for recording lessons or events.

Main Features


Thanks to Markers, Events Recorder will let you to save a lot of time.
While you listen your recording, you exactly know when a certain content/point is positioned
and you will avoid to search it.

Markers are like bookmarks in a book, they help you to jump from a point to another in the recording with a click.


Share via email your recordings with anyone you want.

Upload your recordings in the Cloud using services like SkyDrive or DropBox.


The realtime Mp3 compression (Android) will let you to save a lot of space.

For the complete features' list visit the respective page of your platform.