FAQ CM Downloader

The app says that my phone is not supported, what can I do?

Check on CyanogenMod's site if exists an OFFICIAL CM build for your phone, if yes it's probable that you're on a custom rom with an invalid "/system/build.prop" for the app.
If possible manually download the CM build, flash it and retry to opening CM Downloader.

Unable to reboot to recovery after downloaded a build, what can I do?

The first thing to do it's to verify that root rights are allowed for apps too (you can check in Settings -> Developer options -> Root Access). Then simply re-open CM Downloader to get asked for them. In the worst case reinstall the app.

What are Delta updates and how can I use them?

Instead of downloading full zips provided by CyanogenMod Download site (250MB+ of size), CM Downloader lets you download Delta updates which contain only the differences between your installed build and the last available build, this results in a reduced update size that may vary between 10 and 30MB.
The first time the app will check if the zip of the installed build is present in the app's folder, this will be used as source to reconstruct the update. If the installed build zip is not present, a prompt will ask you to select it from another folder in the sdcard or to directly download the last available zip.

The app says that is unable to retrieve Delta info, what can I do?

There are 2 cases that can generate this message: a network error while retrieving informations about delta updates or delta updates still not present on server. In both cases retry in a few minutes.

The app is taking too much time for applying delta updates, what can I do?

Usually this is due to a corrupted source file. Close manually the CM Downloader process and download the latest build available.
This will be used as source file for next delta updates.

How can I use the scheduling functions?

There are two types of scheduling: the one for checking if a new build is available and the one for flashing a downloaded build. Both are settable to run at a desired time.
The first one informs you if a new build is available (and eventually starts automatically the download if the behavior is set on “Notification + Automatic Download”.
The second one flashes the last downloaded build automatically. It's recommended to set the flash scheduling on hours in which your phone is not used because it closes all current processes for the reboot in recovery. You can cancel the imminent automatic flash through the application notification.
If you're on a call, the automatic flash will be delayed by 10 minutes.

A notification with a download animation has appeared but it doesn't start, what does it mean?

You're trying to download the build while on a cell connection and the download setting "Force download on WiFi" is checked. The download will start as soon as you will connect to WiFi.

What does it occur when a build is downloaded?

When a download is completed the app starts the MD5 Checksum to check the integrity of the file. Furthermore (in AdFree app) tries to retrieve the votes of the downloaded build

What is "Auto-Delete of builds"?

It's a feature (executed when a build is successfully downloaded) that deletes automatically builds older than a number of days set by you

What is "Auto-Delete of backups"?

It's a feature (executed when a build is successfully downloaded) that keeps only the last X backups (X = number of backups set by you), the older will be automatically deleted

I can't get TWRP backups auto-deleted on external storage with Internal storage selected as place where downloading files, what can I do?

Probably there are 2 TWRP folders on your device. Delete the one on internal storage

Where are the downloaded builds stored?

They are downloaded in sdcard/CM_Downloader folder.

Where are backups stored?

If you select the Backup option in the Automatic Flash settings a recovery backup will be completed before the new build is flashed. The backup will be usually stored in "/sdcard/clockworkmod/backups" (CWM) or "/sdcard/TWRP/BACKUPS" (TWRP).

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